Cynara Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Founded 2001

Shawnee, Oklahoma


Dedicated to owning and producing the best Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Our goal is to breed dogs from long-lived bloodlines with stellar temperaments and high intelligence for showing, performance and friendly family companions. Only Ridgebacks meeting strict qualifications including passing health tests are bred.

Cynara Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies


June 24, 2024 Haley was bred to Gunnar using frozen semen we collected about 11 years ago. Gunnar is a terrific male ​selected for his temperament and longevity genes. Gunnar turns 14 years old (ancient in Ridgeback years) in Sept. His dam, ​Stella lived to be over 15 years. Both parents have passed extensive health and DNA testing. Reports are available for viewing ​on the website. Gunnar and Haley are AKC registered and titled.




We should know by late July if Haley is pregnant. If you want more information on this litter or are interested in a getting a ​puppy, please e-mail Be sure to include your phone number so we can talk about Cynara’s line of ​Ridgebacks and see if you are right for one of our puppies.

Cost of a Cynara Puppy

Puppies start at $2000. Puppies go to their new home around 9 weeks old with a collar, first set of puppy vaccinations ​(parvo & distemper) and heartworm preventative, health record, food for a few days and a puppy packet full of photos and ​information. Cynara pays to have a microchip inserted and registered to help shelters and vets to trace the owner and ​breeder in case the dog is ever lost, stolen or injured.

Puppies are born inside our home and are raised with love and lots of attention. Our puppies are socialized from the time they ​are born until they leave. Potential owners are encouraged to visit often. At 8 weeks they are evaluated to determine their ​potential for carrying on the Cynara line, being a loyal companion or becoming an energetic performance dog. Puppies leave for ​their new homes at 9 weeks.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Health

Cynara's Breeding Goal

Cynara's primary goal is to breed physically and mentally healthy Rhodesian Ridgebacks to exceed the average lifespan of 10 years. Many health problems and diseases have a genetic link so Cynara looks for healthy sires who lived a long life. Using frozen semen is a great way to do this. Dozer (in the photo) lived to be over 13. Dozer is the sire of our J litter.

The most common problem in Ridgeback at this time is hypothyroidism. Just like people with thyroid issues, it can be treated. Hip and Elbow dysplasia which are quite painful isn't common in most bloodlines. We test our dogs for genetic problems and diseases BEFORE breeding them and post the results online. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) database is free, and has a great search engine. Go to the OFA home page and do a search for "Cynara".

Before buying a puppy, research the parents and grandparents health records. The initial price of a quality dog is minimal compared to the cost of vet bills for a sickly puppy. Buying a puppy from a pet store, or breeder who doesn't bother to test their dogs before breeding makes it almost impossible for you to find out critical health information. Go to the OFA home page and do a search for "Cynara".

Cynara Rhodesian Ridgebacks History

Our involvement with Rhodesian Ridgebacks started in 1998 when we bought our first Ridgeback mix named Zena. She was an odd combination of three breeds (1/2 Rhodesian Ridgeback, 1/4 Rottweiler, 1/4 Chinese Sharpei). Zena had the stocky body and thicker coat of a Rottie, shorter muzzle and extra wrinkles from the Sharpei but the color and perfect ridge of a Ridgeback. Incredibly high spirited and intelligent, she was unlike any dog I had ever been around. I knew my next dog was going to be a purebred Ridgeback.

Hunter was our first AKC registered Ridgeback. Then along came Chisum and Dozer. Dozer was sold by his breeder to a couple who returned him when he was about 6 months old. We only planned on keeping him a few days until his breeder could get him but he stayed with us until he passed at 13+ years. All of these dogs took classes, learned obedience and how to be show dogs.

Cynara purchased our first registered Ridgeback in 2001. We waited 7 years before breeding our first litter (Litter A) in 2008. We breed once a year, sometimes longer. We don't breed very often because it allows us time to find the best owners. Cynara maintains an application list for people with patience who are willing to wait for one of our stellar puppies. We prefer puppy owners stay in close contact and encourage them to send us photos and updates on their dog. There is a private FB group set up for Cynara owners to ask questions and share idea, brags and warnings. Ridgebacks aren't the perfect dog for everyone so I urge people who've never owned a Ridgeback to do lots of research on the breed including visiting a couple of breeders to get an idea of what to expect.

Cynara Puppy Application